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Encore Venti high-capacity coffee machine

February 1, 2018
By Canadian Vending


Cafection Entreprises has a high-capacity coffee machine with a larger brew group that can prepare a cup of coffee up to 24 ounces in a single brew cycle.

The Encore Venti is compatible with a selection of three coffee beans and three solubles, including milk powder, according to the company’s brochure.

The machine and others in the Encore series, can be controlled, monitored and managed remotely using the company’s management system, called Sophia.

Other features include an adjustable gram throw that produces a constant taste profile, on-screen beverage settings to let the user customize their drink and recipe combinations with a choice of nearly 100 sizes and strengths.


Dimensions of the machine are 43 inches by 19 inches by 26.5 inches deep.