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Energy gum a faster way to get a boost

January 7, 2019
By Canadian Vending

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A new way to get an energy boost that doesn’t involve guzzling sugary energy drinks, or juggling hot cups of coffee at your desk.

Blockhead gum advertises itself as a way to get a little boost, faster, with full absorption in as little as 5 minutes. The inventor of this energy gum, Danny Lowe, was studying ways to get athletes to absorb energy in a short time frame.

“Ingredients are absorbed quickly through the gums, though this meant 5 minutes of swilling, which is pretty hard and makes your teeth feel fuzzy and can initiate the gag reflex. Over the summer holiday, I was thinking about introducing the active ingredients through the gums in a fun way. I occupied a lot of my time by phoning around and developing what became our first Energy Gum,” stated Lowe on his company’s website.

The gum’s main ingredient is caffeine, but Lowe also infuses his gums with vitamin D, C, B & A.

So far, the energy gum is available in two flavours, peppermint and lemon.