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EVMMA becomes committee of EVA

May 18, 2011
By Administrator


May 18, 2011, Madrid – The European Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (EVMMA) has become the Machine Manufacturers Committee of the European Vending Association (EVA).

Discussion of possible integration into the EVA has been on the table for a while. At last month’s EVMMA meeting in Madrid, members voted in favour of the idea by secret ballot.

“The incorporation of the European Vending Machine Manufacturers Association as a new Committee of the European Vending Association is a significant step that ensures more fluid communication within the industry and more coherent representation,” said Paul R. Ballard, EVMMA chairman. “EVMMA itself is over twenty years old and has always met regularly on an informal basis to discuss legislative, environmental and technical issues as they relate to machine manufacture. A large majority vote to integrate the Association in the EVA means that, in the future, machine manufacturers will be able to take full advantage of the extensive range of services offered to EVA members.”

In a press release, the EVA stated that it is “confident that this change will be beneficial for both parties.”


Many EVMMA members are already members of the EVA. Those who are not are expected to join the EVA in order to enjoy full membership benefits.

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