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Facial recognition software for vending machines

Luce X2 Touch TV Image courtesy of Rheavendors Group

Rheavendors Group introduced a line of coffee vending machines that features facial recognition technology to recall users’ preferences.

The Luce X2 Touch TV coffee vending machine is equipped with interactive online services, facial recognition technology and an LCD touchscreen monitor. The facial recognition feature includes a memory that would recall a customer’s drink preference.

Apart from recognizing individual users and remembering their preferences, it can be configured to broadcast custom media content and/or connected to the local LAN network, which would promise a more customizable message on the screen. Options include retailer’s membership points and Smartphone payment options.

It’s not reported how well the facial recognition technology can recall faces and place an order to a face, though the machine does feature a list of 64 beverage options.


Rheavendors Group reports that vending machines with telemetric interfaces presents new interface for personalized coffee service, and applying technology to anticipate customer requests.