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FHV secures 90 contracts

July 17, 2013
By Administrator


July 17, 2013,
San Diego –
Fresh Healthy Vending (FHV) acquired 90 diverse sites for its franchisees across North America in June, a record number for the organization.

As the largest healthy vending company in operation, Fresh Healthy Vending provides services that include securing prime vending location contracts for its network of more than 200 franchisees.

The 90 new locations where Fresh Healthy Vending machines can be found are scattered throughout North America. They include Grand River Hospital in Ontario; North Carolina's Durham School of the Arts; the Commack Public Library on New York's Long Island; the YMCA of Greenwich, Conn., and Dublin High School in Laurens County, Ga.


The company utilizes an innovative strategy for selecting markets and helping its franchisees secure locations. Its nearly two dozen dedicated Community Wellness Advocates, who represent franchisees in their chosen markets, use proprietary techniques to identify potential locations. They contact decision makers at each site, gain insight into the positive impact that making healthy choices can have on the employees, students or customers at those locations, and confirm the prospect's interest before scheduling a meeting between the site administrators and the local Fresh Healthy Vending franchisee.

“I still find locations that are blown away by the fact that a program like ours exists,” said Diane Bailey, one of the company's 22 Community Wellness Advocates. “I always love it when I can hear the smile in their voice, knowing they are making the right decision on behalf of the school or business they represent. I can tell that it makes their day.”

Fresh Healthy Vending has committed $1,000,000 in grant funds to qualified locations. To encourage communities to offer healthier snacks, the company created, a website designed to motivate decision makers at eligible locations to sign up for a free healthy vending machine. Monthly retention incentives are also available to these clients.

Machines are stocked with all-natural, organic and preservative-free snacks and beverages – all nutrient-rich selections. The 2,300 choices available also include gluten-free and nut-free products.