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Flow donates to North American health care workers

Flow also announced they offer delivery and wholesale pricing

April 7, 2020

Logo courtesy of Flow Hydration
Flow Alkaline Spring Water released a statement regarding how the company is coping during the pandemic.
“We’re all being affected personally and professionally in some manner by COVID-19, and I wish you my personal best and our company’s best during this time. Please stay safe and well and if someone in your life has been directly impacted by the virus, we wish them a lasting recovery.
“Flow is very fortunate to be in the position to give back to communities at this time. Our giving back program supports front line healthcare teams regionally.
“Flow Alkaline Spring Water is donating $1,000,000 of our spring water to hospitals and care providers in North America. This week alone, we’ve already been able to support several locations and help hydrate hundreds of front-line healthcare professionals at:
  • Southlake Regional Health Center Foundation in Ontario
  • Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto
  • Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Toronto
“Other locations are in the pipeline for our donations over the next few weeks:
  • Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto
  • Feed the Frontlines in Toronto and Vancouver
  • The Unity Health locations of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and St. Joseph’s in Hamilton
  • North York General Hospital in Toronto
  • Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto
  • Downtown outdoor walk-in/drive through and Hotel-Dieu Hospital (both COVID-19 testing centers) in Montreal
“In a high stress climate like this, it’s very easy to forget to eat or drink enough water regularly. The pace and anxiety of being in the medical front lines only makes it easier to forget to care of oneself. We want to help make that a little easier for all healthcare professionals right now.  These efforts are made possible thanks to the support of our Flow Family.
“Should you be interested, we would also like you to know that Flow is available for home delivery.  As part of the Flow Family, your wholesale pricing extends to this service.  Please let me know if I can help facilitate a home delivery for you.
“We all look forward to the day (we hope in the not too distant future) when life returns to a more normal rhythm.  Wishing you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy through this difficult time.
Emily Aziz