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From the editor: Spring 2011

So Much Cooler Online

April 15, 2011
By Cam Wood


No one can say that we are an industry that has not seen our fair share of change over the past several years.

No one can say that we are an industry that has not seen our fair share of change over the past several years. From struggles on the coin box side with no-smoking bylaws, home-gaming systems and lifestyle changes, through to food and beverage vending becoming the “Most Wanted” target for childhood obesity, it has been a wild and crazy ride.

With this issue of Canadian Vending comes more change. What you hold in your hands is the last of the print editions to be published. Moving forward, after almost 60 years in print, the publishers of our magazine have made the decision to take the platform to an online version. And with that comes change for yours truly, as my tenure as editor ends after eight years.

The publishing industry has changed almost as dramatically as vending. With more information available at the touch of the keypad, even delivered daily to your smartphone, contemporary publishing has struggled to define itself as a primary source of information. We’ve witnessed the emergence of social media as a business tool, turned blogs from personal diaries into online forums and challenged ourselves to see how we fit into the almost evolution of information technology. Our core business, like yours, must continue to find new ways to stock the machine and deliver to consumers.


Like many of you, we have seen friends, business associates and partners come and go. We have pushed forward through closures, mergers and acquisitions, all the while adding our two bits to the conversation and occasionally challenging the status quo. We have felt the sting of recessions and ridden the waves of growth. We have mourned the loss of those we loved, and celebrated the arrival of new ones.

At Canadian Vending, we have prided ourselves on working with each of you and, hopefully, bringing relevant information that served your needs. I know there are many committed people behind the scenes that will be working to bring you that information in new and exciting ways. Who knows; maybe in between stops, your drivers will be reading the latest edition on their iPads. The future is open to those who embrace the ideas.

For me, I will treasure the memories and education that the vending industry has given me. Like a priceless gift, these things mean a great deal and will never be forgotten. I have grown from someone who thought a microwaved mug of instant

coffee was decent to knowing more than I could have imagined about beans and roasting methods. And from each cup of really good coffee through to every challenging round of Golden Tee, our time together – good and bad – has been rewarding. I wish all of you prosperity for the future.

And so, friends, for the last time together: drop a coin, grab a beverage and enjoy.

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