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From The Editor: Be Coffee Smart

April 30, 2009
By Cam Wood


A recent study in Europe revealed some remarkable data about coffee and its effects on the brain.

Let’s be smart about this for a moment. No, seriously.

A recent study in Europe revealed some remarkable data about coffee and its effects on the brain.
As it turned out, researchers in Finland discovered that, after following a test group of 1,400 middle-aged people for 21 years, coffee drinkers have a significantly lower risk of getting dementia.

Research shows that caffeine stimulates brain function. Combined with other brain studies, and the philosophy of “use it or lose it,” this analysis has some merit. As reported earlier this year, similar studies have found a link between caffeine and lower risks of developing Alzheimer’s.


The scientists have three theories on why the results show what they do: coffee is an antioxidant, coffee contains substances that are protective of nerve cells, and finally, coffee reduces the risk of diabetes.

This is just the latest discovery in solidifying coffee’s beneficial role in our lives.
Of course, the news may not startle Canadian adults into consuming any more java on a daily basis, but it does strengthen its position as something stable in a
volatile market.

Coffee remains the number one beverage choice among Canadian adults. And, as usual, the challenge to the OCS sector remains how to secure its fair market share.

Funny thing, this coffee business … clearly more than half of all coffee consumed in the workplace is still imported from external sources. Not so funny thing, workers must find ways to conduct their work days in a more efficient manner.

So, we know coffee is good for the consumer. We recognize the value Canadians put on their favourite beverage. But how can we, as OCS operators, preserve and grow our share?

This year, the Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association has partnered with the American association to bring a unique and highly-regarded certification program to the annual convention.

That said, we know this much, the program is not going to focus on explaining the scientific results of the Finnish study. But the Quality Coffee Certification Program will provide Canadian OCS operators with further tools and knowledge on how to strengthen their business.

The program was developed in 2000 by the National Automatic Merchandising
Association and has since graduated over 800 OCS owners and operators.

The goal is to provide attendees with an understanding of what it takes to brew an exceptional cup of coffee and overcome those stereotypical beliefs that office coffee is subservient to other types of coffee.

But more than coming away with a better understanding, operators will be able to convey a more viable argument to decision-makers at their locations as to why OCS is their best option in the current workplace psychology.  This is definitely something that pimply-faced “barista” at the corner shop won’t be able to do with any eloquence.

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