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Golden Tee Comes of Age

September 29, 2009
By Canadian Vending Magazine


We all remember the day we turned 21. It’s a turning point in one’s life.

We all remember the day we turned 21. It’s a turning point in one’s life.

That’s why Incredible Technologies is excited about its flagship product – Golden Tee Golf – turning 21. No matter what fabulous bells and whistles the geniuses at IT add to the game every year, everything takes a back seat to the new courses. After all, the new courses are the backbone of the game.

According to Brian Jandula, Golden Tee project manager and senior software engineer, no matter how cool some new feature is, the new courses will make or break an update.


“We can add a free beer keg to the game, but if the new courses aren’t fun it won’t matter,” he joked. “We’re truly fortunate to have Jim Zielinski creating these fabulous courses that keep our players coming back for more. This year’s courses are our best yet – no doubt.”


The Great Wall
Seventy kilometers north of Beijing is Mutianyu, the site of The Great Wall of China. Soaring mountains, unmistakable sand traps, demanding greens, and the legendary Great Wall make this is a Golden Tee journey players will never forget. Be accurate and stay clear of the Terracotta Warriors.

Monument Valley
Deep in the canyons of Navajo, Arizona is Monument Valley Golf Course. Roam around, over, and through eighteen holes of creatively positioned rocks, boulders and mesas, all the while taking in the breath-taking vistas and majestic tableaus of the west. While water here is rare, what few puddles there are, can have a devastating effect on your score.

Tahiti Cove
The vast South Pacific is home to Taverea, Tahiti – the spot for the most exotic golf course in Golden Tee history. While Tahiti Cove is without question beautiful, its treasures are more appealing to the eye than the scorecard. The return of molten lava – and the sizzling sound it makes when a wayward shot finds its fiery embrace – is more than just a hazard to avoid.

Bella Toscana
Tucked away in the peaceful hills of Tuscany, Italy is Bella Toscana Golf Course. A wide variety of terrain, highlighted by the return of thick and muddy mire, provides separate and unique challenges on each hole. The Panzano vineyards are the perfect setting for a round of golf and a glass of chianti.

Southern Oaks
The quaint town of Valdosta, Georgia is the last stop before the Florida state line and home to a Golden Tee gem. Southern Oaks Golf Club has the feel of a more traditional southern gentleman’s golf course. Rich in dense trees and lots of green, this shot maker’s course will test even the most skilled track-ballers.

New 9-Hole $2.00 Prize Play
Besides Golden Tee standards such as 18-hole $1.00 prize play, Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE and Hole-n-Win, players looking for a more substantial return on their investment will love 9-hole $2.00 prize play.

“Top players have told us that they’d like the opportunity to win a few more dollars,” Jandula said. “So we created this new tournament format that specifically addresses that request. Operators will love the additional revenue this feature will generate.”

The Return of Skins
“When we developed Golden Tee LIVE in 2005, we focused our energy on creating the ultimate online entertainment experience,” Jandula said. “We created so many new online features that we thought Skins would be viewed as old-fashioned and out-of-touch. Well, casual players across the globe have been asking us – pleading with us – to bring Skins back and I’m happy to announce that Skins returns in 2010.”

Incredible Technologies has added GT/Facebook Connect, utilizing social media to connect with players when they aren’t in locations playing.

“Basically the player can automatically update his Golden Tee play status on Facebook without having to wait to go home and do it on his computer,” said Dan Schrementi, IT’s marketing manager and social media strategist.

“Last year Golden Tee offered players the ability to upload their greatest shots to YouTube. This year it’s their Facebook status.”

Golden Tee’s dynamic duo of Jim Nantz and Peter Jacobsen return with all-new commentary that will provide a fresh take on one of the most important aspects of the game, while an entirely new soundtrack for 2010 awaits players who prefer a little cool indie music. The Hit List is a unique blending of music and gaming.

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