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Golden Tee LIVE 2011

New courses to give the industry a much-needed booster shot!

August 3, 2010
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Golden Tee LIVE 2011
Incredible Technologies has a sure-fire remedy for ailing cashboxes: the Golden Tee LIVE 2011 new courses update.

Golden Tee 


Aug. 3, 2010 – Incredible Technologies has a sure-fire remedy for ailing cashboxes: the Golden Tee LIVE 2011 new courses update. And the geniuses at IT aren’t just applying a temporary bandage – they’re curing the disease, not just the symptoms.

“We have the cure!” proclaimed Don Pesceone, senior vice-president of sales. “It’s a tried and true formula for success that works every time. Just install the 2011 GT update and you’ll start feeling better immediately. It’s an amazing wonder drug that’s been around for over 20 years and it just keeps on working.”


Any Time Is Tee Time!
The Golden Tee 2011 theme “Any Time Is Tee Time” addresses how Golden Tee players incorporate the game into their lifestyles.

Weekdays or weekends. Day or night. Rain or shine.

There’s always time for Golden Tee.

Golden Tee players are loyal and passionate about their favorite game,” Pesceone said. “Operators are fortunate that they can count on an immediate up tick in game play as soon as the courses are installed. In most cases the ROI for updates is just a matter of weeks, and when one factors in our 12-month, no interest payment plan, this is just the prescription for success that the doctor ordered.”

Falcon Sands 
Falcon Sands 
Alpine Run 
Alpine Run 
Grizzly Flats 
Grizzly Flats 
Timber Bay 
Timber Bay 
Laurel Park 
Laurel Park 


5 New Courses
The new courses are always the update’s top attraction and this year is no exception. The 2010 courses were the most popular since the debut of Golden Tee LIVE and IT wants to keep the momentum going with 2011. According to Pesceone the 2011 courses promise the same recipe of incredible graphics, compelling game play and scintillating gimmicks that have defined Golden Tee since 1989 – and that keep players returning to the game.

“We continue to provide players with an entertainment experience that they can’t get at home,” he said. “And the beneficiaries of this unique and addictive play are our operators and their locations. 2011 will be huge.”

Alpine Run – Set in the shadow of the Swiss Alps with the Matterhorn looming in the distance, Alpine Run features majestic mountain lakes, stunning waterfalls, towering trees and smushy snow. Breath taking elevation changes will make this course one that Golden Tee fans will never forget.

Falcon Sands – Play golf among the ruins of ancient Egypt! The pyramids aren’t only there for decoration purposes – they’re part of the course itself! Besides the pyramids, Falcon Sands features monuments, statues, camels and, of course, the biggest sand trap in the history of Golden Tee!

Grizzly Flats – This links-style course is not completely devoid of trees, but the rolling fairways and deep bunkers will have players thinking more of the Scottish moors than the foothills of the Colorado Rockies.

Laurel Park – Set in the Bois de Boulogne near the Eiffel Tower, no one has ever played golf in Paris like this! Players who attempt to shave strokes by navigating the many shortcuts of this challenging layout will encounter water hazards and intricately cut sand traps. A Golden Tee player’s dream course!

Timber Bay – The Pacific Ocean is the backdrop for this amazing course set near the coastal cliffs of Cape Arago Oregon. The pines are thick and plentiful and the ocean views will have players coming back to this course over and over.

New Revenue for Operators
The Golden Tee design team views the annual new courses update as an opportunity to increase revenue for operators – and not just through increased game play. Hole ‘n’ Win, live tournament play, closest-to-the-pin contests and custom balls and clubs were all developed with the goal of providing operators with new sources of revenue.

This year is no exception. Here are 3 new ways operators will profit from Golden Tee LIVE 2011:

Golden Tees – Players can now customize their tee shots by buying special Golden Tees. When using a Golden Tee, a player can move his tee shot anywhere within the tee box and he can tee it higher or lower. These tees will be very important for navigating tee shots based on obstacles and hazards that may come into play. Bags of tees are available for $ .50, $1.00 and $2.00 and operators will share in half of the revenue.

Anytime/Anywhere YouTube Shots – Now there’s no need for players to wait until they hit a great shot to have it uploaded to YouTube. This new features allows players to upload and share any shot they hit! And they will pay $ .50 for the privilege. Operators will receive half the revenue from this exciting new feature!

New Balls and Club Sets – In the past only the newest sets of clubs and balls were available for purchase by players. With Golden Tee LIVE 2011, players will have the option of buying any of the previously released sets of clubs and balls as well as the new sets for 2011. New players will find this feature especially valuable and operators will share in this revenue 50/50.

“Operators will be very pleased with these new revenue-producing features,” said Pesceone. “The Golden Tee design team, led by Brian Jandula and award-winning designer Jim Zielinski, has really outdone themselves. These features are new, different and just what Golden Tee players want in their game. Order your updates today!”

Shipping Information
Golden Tee LIVE 2011 is scheduled to ship the last week of September. Operators are urged to contact their sales representative or the IT Sales Hotline at 800.262.0323 x 106 to make sure they’re order is included in the first shipment.

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