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Golden Tee LIVE 2014 course updates hit the streets

October 24, 2013
By Administrator


Oct. 24, 2013, Vernon Hills, IL – On Sept. 23, more than 11,000 Golden Tee LIVE 2014 course updates were shipped from the Incredible Technologies warehouse to eager operators across the country.

A month since ship day, even more orders have been shipped and nearly all online game cabinets are offering the new 2014 courses.

“The continued demand and support for Golden Tee is a huge motivator for us,” said Elaine Hodgson, president and CEO of Incredible Technologies. “This new version has incredible courses and gorgeous graphics that keep the game relevant and strong. We are just as committed to the success and longevity of this important brand as our customers.”

IT once again showed special appreciation to operators who pre-ordered updates for all of their online machines with AwesomeDraw, a raffle that awarded more than $10,000 in equipment and prizes.
AwesomeDraw prizes ranged from gift cards and T-shirts to full kits and showpiece games.


Congratulations go out to all involved:

LIVE showpiece and stand: Ideal Amusements Inc.

LIVE showpiece and stand: Amusement Equipment Company

LIVE full kit: SCR Installations

LIVE full kit: Trivend Inc. 

LIVE transfer cabinet:
Racine Amusement

LIVE transfer cabinet: Brocato Inc.

$1000 in IT bucks: Merlin Amusements

$500 in IT bucks:
Southern Amusement

$500 in IT bucks: Dean Superior Vending

$200 in IT bucks:
KD Amusements

$200 in IT bucks: Old North State Amusements

$200 in IT bucks: BFC Enterprises

$200 in IT bucks:
Virginia Novelty

$200 in IT bucks: H. Lazar & Sons

$100 in IT bucks: Ultimate Amusements

$100 in IT bucks:
Arcadian Enterprises

$100 in IT bucks: All Florida Amusements

$100 in IT bucks: Mike’s Amusement World

$100 in IT bucks: Texas Catering Service

$100 in IT bucks: Bay Coin Machine

$100 in IT bucks: HY-Tek Amusements

$100 in IT bucks: Mercury Amusement

$100 in IT bucks: S&M Amusements

$100 in IT bucks: Central Oregon Amusement

Free shipping on your next order: Advanced Amusements

Free shipping on your next order: Huntsville Games

Titanium buying status for a month: Star City Amusements

Titanium buying status for a month: One Source Amusement

Dozen GT T-shirts: Harps Got Game

Dozen GT T-shirts: Dolph Distributing
Dozen GT T-shirts: National Amusements

Dozen GT T-shirts: Storz Vending and Games

Dozen GT T-shirts: Marcus Vending
100 free operator gift cards: Calvert County Vending

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