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Golden Tee Players to raise $100,000

June 8, 2010
By Canadian Vending


June 8, 2010 – Arlington Heights, Ill. – Golden Tee, the video golf
game that’s in 100,000 bars and pubs around the world, has a devoted
and passionate player base.

June 8, 2010 – Arlington Heights, Ill. – Golden Tee, the video golf game that’s in 100,000 bars and pubs around the world, has a devoted and passionate player base. After all these avid fans spend millions of dollars every month to play their favorite game. But besides having a commonality of competitive spirit for playing video golf, they also have a commonality of cause – honoring and helping our men and women who have fought for our country.

And they’ll do this by conducting Golden Tee Players Charity Championship tournaments in Denver and Chicago this August. Over 200 players are expected to compete.

The Golden Tee player community founded Video Golfers 4 Underdogs (VG4U) in 2004 as its charitable arm. Leading up to the tournament, players will create personal fundraising web pages that friends, family, co-workers and others can visit to pledge donations. Two previous tournaments in 2004 and 2008 raised more than $80,000 in total. Clearly it will be a challenge to reach their goal of $100,000, but according to Casey Brock, president of VG4U, he expects his fellow players to be up to the task.


“We’ve learned a great deal from our past two charity events,” Brock said. “This year we plan to use that knowledge and experience in a variety of ways. We’ll have fundraising goals for each contestant, a silent auction, raffles, a ‘real golf’ tournament, and several other ways for members of the Golden Tee community to participate. Every tournament attendee feels strongly about this cause.”

The organization that will benefit from the tournament is SALUTE, INC. of Palatine, Illinois. Salute’s founders, Will and Mary Beth Beiersdorf, are looking forward to working with the players and being a part of these unique and exciting events.

"For over seven years SALUTE, INC. has been assisting and supporting our service members, veterans, and their families in significant ways across America,” said Will Beiersdorf, a Naval Reservist.  “The lifeblood and strength of our organization is grounded in everyday folks giving back in some form or fashion to say ‘thank you’ to these heroes for their service and sacrifice.

We SALUTE the Golden Tee family of players and Incredible Technologies during its 25th anniversary for stepping up to make a positive difference in these heroes’ lives. We could not do what we do without folks like you!"

The company behind Golden Tee, Incredible Technologies of Arlington Heights, Illinois, is assisting the players in helping make these events the most successful fundraising tournaments in the game’s long history.

“During Golden Tee’s long history hundreds of thousands of players have won over $50 million competing in our online tournaments,” said Elaine Hodgson, IT’s CEO. “Now to see our players come together as part of our 25th anniversary celebration, and compete to raise money for such a worthy organization as Salute, is very gratifying. We knew our players had big hearts, but this is truly remarkable.”

Besides individual player pledge pages, non-attendees will be able to make donations using their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“We’re going to make sure that anyone who is a fan of Golden Tee will be able to participate and donate – even if they’re not playing in the tournament,” Brock said.

Denver Tournament
August 13-15
Table Steaks Sports Bar
3253 S. Parker Rd.
Denver, Colo.

Chicago Tournament
August 27-29
Splinter’s Sports Bar
2070 Rand Rd.
Palatine, Ill.

To make a donation and for more information on the Golden Tee Players Charity Championship tournaments visit the official website at