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Goldfinger offers touchless screens

August 17, 2020

Image courtesy of Betson Entreprises.

Unlike other touchscreens that require skin to screen contact, Goldfinger’s infrared touchscreens allow for user input with a gloved hand, pen, or stylus. Users will feel peace of mind limiting opportunities for transmission of germs.

Goldfinger also offers stylus, gloves and pen options, and states that all screens are easy to clean with “any cleaner.” The┬átempered glass touchscreen is described as robust with no sacrifices being made to the picture quality. High brightness options are available.

Less Repairs, More Revenue: Goldfinger offers a service where they can customize your products based on your design, market and budget. The company works with customers to make sure the product requested, fits perfectly for their venue.

For more information about the touchless screens for your vending application, contact Goldfinger.