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Goodness gracious! Great balls from Allstar!

January 24, 2011
By Allstar


sports-ballsJan. 24, 2011 – Allstar is excited to release a wide array of new bouncy balls in all sizes!



Jan. 24, 2011 – Allstar is excited to release a wide array of new bouncy balls in all sizes!

Superballs are always a favourite among kids, and Allstar's got a huge variety. Sports fanatics will enjoy the new 32mm and 45mm Sports Mix Balls, with tennis, basketball, soccer, pool and volleyball represented.

The 27mm version was so hot that Allstar has decided to add 32mm and 45mm versions to the lineup. Whatever size you choose, you’re sure to score big!


Kids of all ages will love the ghoulish collection of 45mm Monster Balls. With day glow colors like turquoise hot pink and neon yellow, these beasty balls pack a punch all year round, not just on Halloween.

Are you looking at me? Bouncy Eyeball Superballs are creepy and cool. Bloodshot Eyeballs come in blue, pink, purple and yellow. Just what the eye doctor ordered.

Finally, the 27mm Icy Balls are a nice variation. Think basic mix with frosting! Orange, pink, purple, yellow and blue will melt sales this season.

Printed displays are available to all sizes and varieties. For more information, please call toll free at 800-685-7066 or email them at

To view these new releases, and any other hot sellers from Allstar, check out their website:

New Team Member at Allstar Vending

Allstar is proud to introduce Silvia Craciun to its sales team! Silvia comes to Allstar with 5 years sales experience and speaks 6 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese! After having graduated with distinction, and receiving a scholarship for excellent academic standing. Silvia took to travelling, where she learned languages and cultures from around the world. She has been with the company for over a month now, and has just been offered a full time spot on Allstar’s team.

She is excited about her new position with Allstar, and looks forward to helping in any way she can. Feel free to call her at 800-685-7066, ext. 234, or email her at

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