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Graphic FOP info deters sugar consumption

Front-of-Pack labels were found most effective when they included a graphic warning of the dangers of diet-related diseases.

A research study conducted by the Monash University Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food and sponsored by the New South Wales Ministry of Health recruited 994 participants for an online choice experiment.

In a strategy aimed at reducing sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB,) the study aimed to prove that consumers faced with graphic labels were less likely to choose an unhealthy option. The study indicated that, “compared to the control group who were not exposed to a label, the graphic warning, text warning sugar information and Health Star Rating, all significantly reduced selection of a SSB in the Choice scenario. The effect was greatest for the graphic warning label.”

The study concluded that FOP labels, particularly those with a graphic image have the potential to reduce intended SSB purchases. However, labels that also identified healthier alternatives might influence consumers to substitute SSBs with healthier drinks.


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