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Green teas a popular beverage for vendors

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Market research firm Packaged Facts states that the trend towards more “exotic” tea blends such as matcha and sencha are gaining popularity, due to perceived health benefits.

Macha, a powdered green tea has been trendy for several years and has appeared in flavours such as ice cream, and cakes. The marketing report states that the import is seen as international, and gives consumers the feeling of being more culturally diverse.

Sencha is a whole-leaf infusion of green tea, where matcha is a powdered green tea. 

With the advent of bottled teas, and Ready To Drink (RTD) tea beverages that are flavoured with fruit and/or spices, the vending industry can benefit from adding green teas such as sencha and matcha to their product line. Benefits from both sencha and matcha  often target consumers seeking anything from “anti-oxidants” to a weight loss regime. (Neither factors have been proven clinically to aid eliminating free radicals nor contributing to weight loss.)


Green teas are often targeted towards millennials who are concerned equally with healthy eating and consuming small, ready-to-consume snacks. Green teas are often marketed as having nutritional benefits such as being high in potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium.