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GreenSpace Brands launches Meatbar

May 2, 2018

Sriracha flavoured Meatbar GreenSpace Brands Inc.

Canadian company GreenSpace Brands Inc., launched Meatbar™, a new product  aimed at snackers who want high protein, simple ingredients and convenience.

GreenSpace Brands offers the meat bars in three flavours – Sriracha, Sweet + Savoury, and Original – but they are still looking into other meat-based snacks in the future. Meatbar™ began selling in stores in early April and will steadily gain distribution across the country over the next 6 months.

Meat-based snacking is currently experiencing high growth and is expected to be a strong trend for years to come. Meatbar™ features grass fed meats with assorted spices, nuts and seeds in a convenient and familiar ‘bar’ format, feeding very well into the macro trends of high protein, simple ingredients and convenience snacking. Early indications appear indicate a favourable response from the industry, particularly in the gas stations and convenience channels.