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Healthy Vending adds gluten-free options

October 7, 2013
By Administrator


Oct. 7, 2013, Vancouver – Canadian Healthy Vending adds more gluten-free options to its machines, and a new location at a medical facility in Montreal.

Shaun Casey, vice-president of Canadian Healthy Vending, commented, “Our locations have been reporting an increasing number of requests for gluten-free products from customers, and as a result we’ve added more gluten-free options for our healthy vending machines.”

A study released this month called “Attitudes of Canadians to Gluten-Free Diets” supported Canadian Healthy Vending’s move to make more gluten-free options available. The study found more than four million Canadians were currently on gluten-reduced or gluten-free diets. Additionally, more than two million had tried to decrease or eliminate gluten from their diets in the last six months.


The gluten-free snacks available include items like CheeChap’s Potato Puffs, Hot Kid Rice Crisps, Lucy’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Yamamotoyama Teriyaki Seaweed Chips.

The study, commissioned by Udi's, a U.S. company that produces gluten-free products, also showed that more than 50 per cent of the Canadians on a gluten-free or gluten-reduced diet reported improved gastrointestinal health, while 36 per cent benefitted from healthier weight, 32 per cent showed improved activity levels and 31 per cent noticed better mood.

The company is also adding its Max! machine at the University Institute of Cardiology and Pneumology Quebec (IUCPQ) in Quebec City.
Distribution Nutrimanix combined efforts with a hospital nutritionist to ensure a match between the products offered in the vending machine and the heart healthy foods recommended by staff to clients who visit the IUCPQ.

“Our menu has been approved by a hospital nutritionist specializing in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation,” reported Distribution Nutrimanix, in a media statement. “The centre helps people who are faced with heart, lung or obesity-related conditions put strategies in place to improve their health. They are supervised by a qualified interdisciplinary team composed of nurses, kinesiologists and nutritionists.”

Currently, the machine offers water, fruit, nuts and others.
Distribution Nutrimanix has arranged, in conjunction with the IUCPQ, for a portion of the sales from the machine to go to a fund for the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute.

Since locating the machine at the medical facility, the company has gone on to arrange for four Max! Healthy Vending Machines to be placed at sites managed by the Ville de Montréal (arrondissement de Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce) under their Healthy Neighbourhood Program.