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Hojicha Co. launches latest in Japanese roasted green tea

January 6, 2020

Hojicha kukitori, photo courtesy of Francois Mathieu of Hojicha Co.

Hojicha Co. is happy to announce the release of Hojicha Kukitori, the latest Japanese roasted green tea in its loose leaf collection.

With the addition of Hojicha Kukitori to its store, Hojicha Co. currently offers the largest selection of roasted tea products available directly to consumers in North America, allowing more people to discover and enjoy this uniquely Japanese beverage at home.

True to the brand’s promise to offer the most authentic products, Hojicha Kukitori is a rare and exclusive tea, roasted in small batches from a single tea farm in Kyoto, Japan. The new tea, crafted in the fall 2019, is rich in tencha stems. Tencha is a Japanese tea material typically ground into powder to produce matcha after it has been grown in the shade for a month.

Hojicha Kukitori has a woody aroma and a delicate flavour of toasted pecans. Danielle Geva, co-founder of Hojicha Co. explained in a press release: “I’m glad that once again we have successfully sourced a roasted tea with a very distinct and pleasant taste that everyone can enjoy at home.”


Co-founder Francois Mathieu added: “Even though we already offer a wide range of flavours, we are only getting started on our journey to build the largest hojicha store in North America.”

Hojicha Kukitori is available for purchase in 80 g resealable bags on the Hojicha Co. tea shop as of January 7, 2020 and at select markets and events throughout the year.