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HostMilano offers coffee innovations

July 17, 2019
By Naomi Szeben


Vendors and coffee service industries are exploring new ways to reach out to clients, using social media to showcase their industry. Design and innovation catch readers’ eyes and convert them into clients. Consumers are becoming more aware of new technologies and trends to share a gourmet experience.

This is what visitors to HostMilano (fieramilano from October 18 to 22, 2019) will discover how design and technology are changing the coffee service and vending industries.

With seven months to go before opening, the leading event in the hospitality, restaurant and catering (HORECA) sector is revving up with 50 countries attending, for a total of 1,653 companies, of which 949 (57.41  per cent of the total) are Italian and 704 (42.59  per cent) are international.

According to the Ulisse Information System, the strongest growth will be the Premium-Price segments. In 2018, high-end goods accounted for about 30 per cent of the world’s total, compared to 22.4 per cent measured ten years ago.


Italy still leads in sales when it comes to exporting goods, such as espresso, coffee machines and various food industry-related items: it has a global market share of 30.6 per cent. A trip to HostMilano will reveal many hard-to-find authentically Italian commodities.

When it comes to drip coffee or espresso, it comes down to meeting local traditions and tastes. When you add other Instagram-friendly elements like fashion, eye-catching images for social media, the landscapes for catering and office coffee service industries are changing.

Real estate prices often determine the size of a café, cafeteria or vending area: How can a vendor deal with reduced spaces for display and consumption? What are the latest technologies in noise reduction? The new trends explored at HostMilano are aimed at developing versatile display and storage systems.  When people walk into an office break room today, they want to enter somewhere that is at least attractive, welcoming and communicative if not furnished with a focus on design. They want to see something original and aesthetically rewarding, because product appeal and attraction make a decisive contribution to sales. So while traditional display and storage counters disappear, progress is being made with vertical cabinets, modular or custom furnishings, authentic multi-purpose products, suitable for a variety of uses depending on requirements and seasonal needs.

The last, (but not the least) important change concerns machinery. Some companies are tapping into the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things, thanks to remote management, with the aim of reducing product waste and guaranteeing the very highest in hygiene standards.

HostMilano rewards innovation in food and equipment with the SMART label award: Hospitality and innovation are only two of the contributing factors that confirm Hostmilano as the place-to-be when in search of solutions that shape the future of hospitality. The trade show recognizes the best in the hospitality industry, and The SMART Label Award will be given to those whose products, services or projects stand out as the best in the field.

The competition is organized by Fiera Milano and HostMilano, in partnership with POLI.Design, (The Milan Polytechnic Consortium) and sponsored by ADI, the Italian Association for Industrial Design. Over the past three shows, the SMART label competition has handed out more than 150 awards and 20 special awards to prime players in the Italian and international hospitality industry.

This year, the five-member international jury consisting of university professors, professionals and international experts with experience in design, hospitality and energy saving will be voting on the degree of innovation and the smartest solutions. The panel will assess each candidate products, services and projects in for the following criteria: efficient functions of products and services, efficacy of products and ease of use of services, and innovative usability, technologies and benefits for users. The competition seeks out products with innovative features that stand out beyond the current industry trends.

Jurors are also looking for environmental innovations, such as how new materials are applied in an energy saving or energy recovering capacity. Experts will examine the entries as to how the digital elements connect between The Internet of Things to improve interaction between a user and the use of the product.

People in the vending and office coffee service industry are sure to find something innovative and cost-effective that will give them a corporate edge in their field.

For updates, go to; social media @HostMilano