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How to sanitize vending equipment

Image courtesy of U-Select-It

Most vending companies recommend soapy water for cleaning and disinfecting vending equipment, the choice is up to you.  Regardless of what type of cleaner you choose, here are some Best Practices for cleaning vending equipment, courtesy of U-Select-It.

Recommended cleaning supplies for vending machines:

  • Disposable lint-free cloths (‘contact’, ‘non-contact’ & ‘external’)
  • Clean disposable gloves
  • Plastic scraper
  • Spray bottle w/ cleaning solution
  • Glass cleaner or similar for cleaning the window
  • Ensure the machine is switched “off” before completing any cleaning tasks.
  • Do not apply or spray the soapy water solution directly onto surfaces that could or might leak directly onto electrical components such as the keypad or touch screen.  Where this is a possibility the soapy water should be applied to a ‘clean’ cloth which then should be used to wipe the surface to be sanitized.

Some operators may ask why they would need three separate cleaning cloths.  The ‘contact’ cloth should be used on areas of the machine that come into contact with areas of consumer interaction.  The ‘non-contact’ cloth should be used on the machine’s internal areas. The ‘external’ cloth should be used on all external surfaces with the exception of areas of the machine that are exposed to consumer interactions.

Some ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ for cleaning vending machines:

  • Do not use metal scrapers
  • Do not put any of the machine’s internal parts on the floor
  • Do not take water for cleaning from a toilet area
  • Always wear protective gloves
  • Always use the correct cleaning agent for the application and follow the manufacturer’s instructions

In many grocery and retail stores, you’ll often see self-serve sanitizing wipes for customers to use.  To help ensure your equipment stays clean and provide peace of mind to consumers, if possible, provide sanitizing wipes at or near your equipment.


As with all individuals working in convenience services in a food-handling role, an operator who is suffering any form of illness should inform their supervisor and not perform any work sanitizing the vending equipment.

Safe sanitation is crucial now more than ever for your vending equipment. For more information on best practices to sanitize your vending equipment or other equipment questions, please contact U-Select-It at 1-800-247-8709.