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Hydralyte: Fruit-flavoured hydration

Image courtesy of Hydralyte

Pantry services or vending operations that cater to active consumers (gyms, hiking trails) will want to stock up on some easy-to-carry, fruit flavoured hydration tablets.

Hydralyte offers both granules available in sticks; each box contains a packet of 12; and effervescent electrolyte tablets, which contain 10 tablets.

Perfect for summertime sports fanatics, Hydralyte promises to rehydrate faster than water, and available in lemon and orange flavours.

Either needs only 200ml of water to dissolve.

  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Dissolves instantly – no stirring required
  • Up to 75 per cent less sugar
  • Provides four times more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks
  • Great for all ages