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In memoriam: Robert Benjamin Hale

Bob Hale’s son shares his memories

October 15, 2018
By Todd Hale

Bob (Robert) Benjamin Hale, of Markham, Ontario passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family at the age of 82. He was too cool to be “Grandpa” so “Bobo” was his name to his much loved great grandchildren.

Bob enjoyed camping and fishing, time with his sons, travelling to Whistler, house-boating, golfing, a good cigar and telling stories. Bob and his wife Marilyn often hosted huge family and company gatherings at their home in Markham; He was a proud homeowner and happy to share the beauty of his paradise with everyone.

Bob had a larger-than-life personality. Though he loved golf, he spent most of his time searching for balls in the woods. He was always announcing excitedly that he had the game of golf all figured out with his latest swing technique. Bob loved to greet everyone with his famous “G’Day G’Day!” He loved humour and always had some crazy joke to tell. Bob was an electrician by trade, however, for more than 30 years coffee was his passion as the founder of Mister Coffee & Services Inc.  “In 1980, he developed his own coffee brewing system known as Bodecker Brewed, one of the first brewing systems with recyclable capsultes known as “BOB” cups. Should Todd Hale take over the family business, it will be in keeping with the values his father brought to the industry.

Quote From John Hiner:
I have known Bob Hale for several years, making many business calls together or having conversations at industry functions. Bob always made me laugh while challenging me to think out-of-the-box and be more creative. Bob always thought like an engineer, but presented as a therapist. He made me feel like I was part of his family at Mister Coffee/Bodecker though I was just a friend and colleague.


Bob always made an inspiring first impression. He made everyone laugh and feel very comfortable because he had passion in industry as he did for life. Mr. Hale will be in my thoughts forever: He made me a better person at work and at home through our conversations. His motto was: Live life with passion, love, and respect, and have a “good day, good day!”