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Internet of Things enables PureFlo’s water filter

Filter that is connected to the Internet of Things extends the life of the water filter, and requires fewer service interactions.

January 7, 2020

PureFlo filtration solution from DS Services, a Cott Corp subsidiary (CNW Group/Cott Corporation)

Cott Corporation, a provider of home and office bottled water delivery services in North America and Europe, announced that DS Services has launched a technologically advanced filtration unit.

PureFlo®, an IoT-enabled (“Internet of Things-enabled”) water filtration unit continuously monitors water quality and filter life, proactively detects issues and service needs, and-provides detailed, real-time analytics on water usage and water quality to anyone drinking from the unit.

“We are excited to announce the launch of PureFlo, our most advanced filtration solution designed to give consumers peace of mind in the quality of the water they drink,” said Dave Muscato, president of DS Services in a press release. “PureFlo is a critical part of our strategy to provide a range of hydration solutions wherever our customers live, work and play.”

PureFlo first launched in Southern California for the commercial and residential markets and will expand across North America over the next two years. With PureFlo’s technology, the life of the water filter is meaningfully extended and requires fewer service interactions compared to standard water filtration systems, leading to increased customer satisfaction and convenience.