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Jusu Bars acquires Cru Juice

September 27, 2016
By Canadian Vending

Victoria – Victoria-based Jusu Bars Inc. has acquired Calgary-based Cru Juice Inc. under its umbrella of cold-pressed juice products.

Jusu is a manufacturer of cold-pressed juice and nutritional grab-and-go products. The company has a total of nine retail locations and another six planned for 2017. 

“Our vision is to help every man, woman and child understand and reap the benefits of high quality, nutrient-rich, plant-based food and beverage products and inspire them to take health and wellness into their own hands,” said Bruce Mullen, Jusu’s Founder, President & CEO, in a news release. “We know Canadians love the convenience of fast food, and we have developed and are providing extremely healthy, nutritious products to meet these needs. Our grab-and-go juices and raw foods provide people with food choices that positively impact their health, and help avoid the ever increasing lifestyle diseases that are afflicting ourselves, friends and families.” By combining forces, Jusu and Cru will now be able to help even more people reach for a highly nutritious alternative to traditional fast food.”

Cru Juice is a maker of premium raw food and juice offerings, with five retail locations, dozens of wholesale partners and more than 65 employees.


“We’re proud to have built Cru and positioned the company as a leader in a food movement that is experiencing unprecedented growth. Our goal was to design whole, non-GMO and preservative free foods to fuel busy lives,” says Naomi Le Bihan, Co-founder of Cru Juice Inc., in the release.

Now that Jusu has consolidated British Columbia and Alberta, it will look to expand the brand nationally over the next two years. Jusu currently has three retail locations in Victoria as well as a kiosk at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, just outside of Vancouver.

Co-founder and director Amanda Hehr said Cru Juice is in discussions with Sysco Foods Alberta regarding wider distribution, and the company’s intention is to become the first company in Canada to sell cold pressed juice via vending machines.