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Kashi rebrands GOLEAN as Kashi GO

May 27, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of the Kashi Company

Kashi officially announced its product redesign to its best-selling GOLEAN line which is now called Kashi GO.

Kashi GO will maintain the same superior protein and taste people love without altering the original recipes. Now, people will see new packaging and logo to reflect the evolving brand.

In partnership with the brand agency, JKR, Kashi conducted market research to better understand how its customer base has evolved. This research showed that people are changing the way they think about healthy eating and that they want to invest in brands that not only reflect their food values, but also inspires them.

The brand launched three Kashi GO protein bars, as part of the market research they had conducted. The colour and flavours from Kashi GOLEAN have remained, but the company had added motivational words to their packaging, such as “crush, defy, play and love.” The revamped logo has also incorporated an infinity symbol into its new look.


“Evolving to Kashi GO reflects our food values and those of our customers who lead busy, active lives and want foods that can fuel AND inspire them,” said Kashi Director of Marketing, Jeanne Wilson in a press release. “Our purpose still remains the same: to offer foods with powerful sustenance to help elevate what comes next.”