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Köe kombucha attributes success to vending

January 29, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Köe Kombucha

Köe Kombucha has positioned itself as not just an alternative to soft drinks or fruit juices, but as an alternative to other kombucha beverages currently in the market – and its popularity is growing due to targeting the convenience market.

Kombucha is a lightly fermented tea drink that is slightly carbonated, and sometimes flavoured with fruit juices. Köe is an organic brand that flavours its beverages with organic fruit juices, reducing the slightly “vinegary” taste that some people report experiencing with some kombucha.

Aside from the sweeter taste of their drink, Köe Kombucha differs in that it attributes part of its popularity to its sales through vending machines. Armen Soghomonian, the EVP of the brand owner at Stratus Group Beverages felt that aiming their better-for-you drink through the convenience market made the difference.

Market research had shown that more convenience shoppers were concerned with their sugar intake, and for vendors who are taking part in the Healthy Vending program, kombucha might be a good product to keep in stock. Currently very popular in the southwest U.S., Köe is expanding quickly, and currently has 2,500 vendors since its initial launch in mid 2018.


Köe is available in the following flavours: Blueberry ginger, lemon ginger, raspberry dragonfruit, mango and raspberry lemon.