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Limited availability of discontinued MEI coin changer parts

October 26, 2011
By Administrator


October 26, 2011, Toronto – Parts availability will impact proper servicing of the discontinued CF 5XX coin changer, MEI reports.

In 2004, MEI discontinued production and sales of the CF 5XX coin changer. The CF 7512 Coin Manager began production at that time.
Spare parts for the CF5XX  have not been produced for more than one year and inventory has been depleting over this time.

"It is difficult to determine the exact level of parts inventory within our service partners but the MEI inventory is minimal," the company said in a statement. "The probability of a CF 5XX coin changer not able to be repaired because of parts availability within the next 12 months is significant. Therefore, we recommend that our customers prepare a replacement strategy in anticipation for this likelihood."
Replacement options include the CF 520/CF 540/CF 541/CF 560 MDB Coin Changers, which can be directly replaced with the CF 7512 Coin Manager.
The CF 520/CF 540/CF 560 coin changers that were produced with micromech and 1P/4P interfaces do not have a direct replacement, as these interfaces are no longer available on the current products manufactured by MEI.


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