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Lipton brings comic relief to limited-edition teas

From "Tis the Sneeze'n" immune-boosters to hangover cures called, "Holiday Party Overload," Lipton gives its wellness line a comic boost.

Image courtesy of Lipton Reali-Teas.

The holidays are supposed to be the most magical time of the year. But between packed parking lots, cold and flu, holiday parties, anxiety and more, the seasonal stress list seems endless. What people want most this year is a helping hand: That’s why Lipton is introducing Reali-Teas, a limited-edition version of its Wellness line to help during those holiday moments that aren’t so merry or bright.

“The holiday season is a time for friends and family to connect and come together, but your health and wellbeing often take a back seat to all the festivities,” said Laraine Miller, senior director of US Tea at Unilever in a press release. “Tea has long been associated with several health benefits, so the Reali-Teas collection is Lipton’s way of helping people handle the holidays while embracing wellness, no matter what the season throws their way.”

Is your uncle talking politics over a forkful of pumpkin pie? The “Dealing with Relatives” blend offers stress therapy with a comforting, cozy herbal blend of cinnamon, chamomile and lavender. Running on empty after that third flight delay? “Ho Ho Holiday Travel” green tea hydrates and refreshes. Colds spreading through the office faster than a reply-all? “‘Tis the Sneeze’n” is a Vitamin C go-to.

Designed with the holiday season’s most common stressors in mind, Lipton’s eight Reali-Teas include:

  • Dealing with Relatives – Enjoy a soothing escape from Aunt Linda’s comments and Cousin Michael’s politics with this Caffeine-Free Herbal Supplement containing cinnamon, chamomile and lavender (originally Stress Therapy).
  • Whole Lotta Holiday Cookies – Sip & soothe your tummy after indulging in holiday treats with our caffeine-free herbal supplement, containing ginger, peppermint and fennel (originally Soothe Your Tummy).
  • Holiday Party Overload – Bounce back after a night of too much merriment with this herbal supplement with Green Tea, containing dandelion, nettle and grapefruit (originally Detox).
  • Ho Ho Holiday Travel – Holiday travel can be a nightmare. Get the uplift you need to embrace whatever comes your way (originally Green Tea).
  • Finding the Perfect Present – An ancient, magnificent tea to help you focus on giving great gifts (originally Magnificent Matcha).
  • Silent Night, Sleepless Night – Embrace your sweetest dreams (despite your endless to-do list) with this herbal supplement, containing chamomile, mint and orange peel (originally Bedtime Bliss).
  • Last Minute Shopping – Get that extra help you need to check everyone off your shopping list with this herbal supplement featuring moringa with green tea and pomegranate (originally Miracle Moringa).
  • ‘Tis the Sneeze’n – Support your body’s natural defences against sniffles and avoid a nose like Rudolph with ‘Tis the Sneeze’n Herbal Supplement with Green Tea, which contains turmeric, echinacea and ginger (originally Daily Support).

The limited-edition line is available while supplies last. Once the REALI-TEAS sell out, fans can still find the help they need with the Lipton Wellness line, available year-round.