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Major composter to accept PurPod100 compostable single-serve coffee pods

November 9, 2016
By Canadian Vending


Seattle and Toronto – Cedar Grove Composting, a major composter in Washington State, is now accepting 100 per cent compostable single-serve coffee pods in the PῧrPod100 format from its Seattle-area office and commercial customers.

“This is a major step forward in making 100% compostable pods the clear choice for people who want quality coffee and single-serve convenience without the waste of conventional plastic pods,” said Club Coffee chief executive officer John Pigott in a news release. “It is a testimonial to Cedar Grove’s leadership in green innovation for composting and organics recycling.” Club Coffee is the producer of PῧrPod100 certified 100 per cent compostable pod for coffee, tea and other hot beverages.

Club Coffee supported Cedar Grove’s tracking of compostable pods in Seattle workplaces at the University of Washington, Columbia Tower and University Tower. The study determined that accepting the compostable pods was positive for the overall collection of food scraps and did not lead to problems with non-compostable items such as plastic single serve pods, creamers and stir sticks.

Cedar Grove’s compostability expert Michele Riggs stressed that only brands in the certified 100 per cent compostable format are being accepted. “Brands that claim to be biodegradable or claim percentages like 95 or 97 per cent won’t work in our processes. It’s very simple, if it is not certified 100 per cent compostable, it doesn’t work for our program.” Cedar Grove lists items it accepts from its commercial customers, including the 100 per cent compostable pods, at