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Mars Drinks Aroma brewer has 100 drink options

January 18, 2017
By Administrator


Philadelphia, PA – Mars Drinks is introducing the Mars Drinks Aroma, a compact single-serve brewer for small workspaces that creates more than 100 café-style drink options, from coffees and cappuccinos to hot chocolates and soups.

The Mars Drinks Aroma – available from, office supply retailers and distributor partners – was designed to bring the coffee shop experience to the workplace, Mars Drinks said in a press release. It allows workplaces to provide their people with authentic café-style drink varieties without having to leave the office.

The Aroma consistently delivers great-tasting beverages, the company said. Brew time for both coffees and teas is under 60 seconds, and the proprietary brewing method paired with the flexible Freshpack ensures no flavour cross-contamination from drink to drink so that coffees taste like coffees and teas taste like teas.

The brewer has a larger cold tank than the Keurig Office Pro K145, offering four more cups between tank refills, Mars Drinks said, noting that Aroma produces ten 8 oz. drinks between refills compared to the Keurig’s six 8 oz. drinks.


“The Aroma has been designed to incorporate the flexibility and functionality smaller workplaces demand as well as the sustainable solutions that our customers desire,” said Xavier Unkovic, global president, Mars Drinks.

The brewer uses the company’s Freshpacks, which are designed to keep the coffees, teas and specialty drinks inside fresh and delicious. The new Freshpack is now a more responsibly made single-serve package offering a 31 percent carbon footprint reduction compared to the previous Freshpack.

“This new offering represents another component of our ongoing effort to become the world’s most sustainable provider of workplace beverages,” Unkovic said.

The new Freshpack is just one part of Mars Drinks’ 2016 – 2020 Sustainability Strategy. With a focus on sustainable agriculture, operations and solutions, the company is always looking for products and processes that make a positive impact on the workplace while making as little an impact on the environment as possible.