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Mars Inc. to acquire Kind

November 19, 2020

Image courtesy of KIND Image courtesy of KIND Healthy Snacks

Mars, Inc., a family-owned company known for its snacking and food business, and KIND, a healthy snacking company announced the next step in their strategic partnership, with Mars acquiring KIND North America.

KIND North America will create one organization operating across 35 countries, functioning as a distinct and separate business within the Mars Family of Companies. This provides the opportunity to further the KIND Promise, a set of nutrition principles that have guided the company’s innovation since its founding, and the company’s mission to create a kinder world.

KIND Founder and Executive Chairman Daniel Lubetzky will play a key role in the future development and expansion of the snack company, helping to maximize the reach and impact of its mission and products. He will retain an ongoing financial stake in KIND, a majority of which was previously donated to charity to further his philanthropic efforts to build bridges across lines of divide.