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Maruchan elevates instant ramen with new line

Company launches "Maruchan Gold" made with air-dried noodles

August 21, 2019
By Canadian Vending

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Maruchan has produced ramen noodles since 1977. Born from the dream of creating convenient, high quality and affordable noodles for all, Maruchan looks to elevate the ramen-making market once again with the introduction of Maruchan Gold.

After many years, with dedication and commitment to a dream, Maruchan succeeded in creating a brand new instant noodle through the development of the perfect air-dry noodle technology.

Maruchan Gold was originally launched in Japan in 2013 where it has since challenged the status quo, pioneering a brand new category in the instant ramen noodle aisle. Following this success, along with the United States’ consumers growing an affinity for authentic Asian cuisine, Maruchan is bringing their newest hit product to the U.S. in two flavours, soy sauce and spicy miso. Learn more about the two Maruchan Gold flavours here.

General Manager of Sales for Maruchan, Mark Horikawa, said in a press release, “At Maruchan, we believe ramen is food for everyone to enjoy. Not only will the quality of our GOLD products excite experienced home cooks, it will also entice those students looking for an affordable yet authentic food experience.”


Maruchan Gold is now available in a variety of markets across the U.S. in a number of large grocery chains including Meijer, Albertsons-Safeway, Food Lion, and Hy-Vee. In addition, the product  is available for order and purchase on Amazon. Consumers, from food lover to chef, will find that Maruchan GOLD is the stepping stone to customizing their very own craft ramen medley.