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Master micro markets at the NAMA OneShow

March 15, 2017
By Canadian Vending


Las Vegas, NV – NAMA OneShow organizers want to help operators learn all they need to know to successfully launch and run a micro market and gain the certificate to prove it.

Industry experts will cover market profitability, merchandising and warehousing along with the analytics and digital media strategies you need to get into this vending-convenience store hybrid market.

Agenda topics include market profitability; promotional merchandising and effective marketing; integrating warehousing and location-based operations; digital media and social marketing to enhance sales; and analyzing purchasing data to increase profitability.

Delve into micro markets on your own schedule with NAMA’s comprehensive Micro Markets Manual. This wide-ranging text provides you with a full picture of this emerging retail channel while pinpointing exactly what you need to do to get started, gain traction, and further your success. All attendees can purchase the manual for $215, and course registrants can purchase it for $75.


Participants can earn their Micro Market Professional Certificate immediately following this course. The 50-question exam, based on the course content and manual, will be offered the same day.

Visit the NAMA OneShow website to learn more about the course and the full show program.