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Merit Ends Production of MoD BoX while MoD BoX Deluxe Continues

November 26, 2008
By Merit


Nov. 26, 2008 – Bensalem, PA – Effective November 26th, 2008, Merit Entertainment will end production of its standard MoD BoX digital jukebox. The company’s lighted, wall-mounted MoD BoX Deluxe will continue to be manufactured and offered for sale.

“The MoD BoX was released at a time when operators were looking for a low-cost solution for digital music,” stated Bob Mills, Merit’s VP of Sales and Network Business. “It was a great piece for the market and brought the reality of digital music to many operator’s businesses.”

So far in 2008, the MoD BoX Deluxe has accounted for 92% sales. Merit has decided to focus production on this premium jukebox and will continue to fully support the MoD BoX through 2011.