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Merit releases new software for spring

April 28, 2008
By Merit Industries


Apr. 28, 2008, Bristol, PA – Merit Entertainment announces the arrival
of its free 2008.5 software update for all ION and Force machines.

Apr. 28, 2008, Bristol, PA – Merit Entertainment announces the arrival of its free 2008.5 software update for all ION and Force machines. Operators who purchased Merit’s 2008 software will receive the free update discs from their distributors. MegaNet operators have the added option to download the free spring update to all their broadband-connected IONs without needing to spend time and gas money driving out to their locations. Operators simply select the 2008.5 download on their MegaNet Web site and their work is done.

The spring software features new games, updated and enhanced trivia and photo content plus several “under the hood” improvements. Aside from the ease of remote downloading, MegaNet operators will also have exclusive access to 4 fresh Sneak Peek games in the coming months.

The 2008 Sneak Peek hits Beer Pong 21 and Luxor 2 are available for the first time to all operators with this release (due to the graphic demands of these games, they are only able to run on ION-level machines). In Beer Pong 21, players test their skill and accuracy while clearing 21 Beer Pong cups before time runs out. Luxor 2, the anticipated sequel to the #1 earning game of all 2007, takes players on a mystical journey through ancient Egypt. The non-stop action and fast-paced game play of both titles have already proven their value for the MegaNet operators who have now had access to these games for several months.


Lucky 11’s, the latest Sneak Peek title, will automatically appear on MegaNet-connected machines within a day of installing the 2008.5 update. The solitaire-inspired card game Spider Kings and its symbol version 13 Spiders will follow soon after. Chainz 2 Puzzler, a tricky and challenging twist on a Megatouch favorite, rounds out the 2009 Sneak Peek roster.

“With this software release we are able to fully deliver on our promise to operators of a seamless system download, saving the time and money of driving out to a location, just to update the software,” said Colin Higbie, Merit’s Director of Marketing. “For years we have provided strong life-long earnings on our countertops, but that’s only half the battle in maximizing total return on investment to operators. The other half is reducing the cost of ownership. With 2008.5, we’re doing both – Sneak Peek games and new content boost earnings, the broadband ION installation saves time and money.” 

For over 30 years, Merit has ensured long-term return on investment for operators by providing continually high-earning equipment along with updates and upgrades for its products. With an installed base of over 250,000 touchscreen games garnering nearly 4.6 billion plays per year, Merit Entertainment is the worldwide leader in touchscreen entertainment devices. Merit Entertainment products appear globally in a wide array of venues and appeal to an almost limitless demographic. Merit continues to expand its position in the industry with ever-increasing entertainment, content, and new games. The company maintains a Web site with all the latest information at

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