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MIT graduate uses thermodynamics to create RTD chilled coffee

August 21, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Elemental Beverage Company and PRNewsfoto

David M. Dussault, MIT graduate, developed new technology to create chilled coffee. As Elemental Beverage Company’s co-founder and “chief alchemist,” Dussault created Snapchill.

Merging thermodynamics with tried-and-true heat exchange technology, Snapchill Technology cools liquids exponentially faster than current methods, reaching precise temperatures as low as -10°F within minutes.

“Snapchilling preserves all the flavours of a hot coffee, cold, unlike any other method for making cold coffee,” stated Ryan McDonnell, chief coffee and tea officer of Elemental Beverage Company and a licensed Q Grader in a press release. “Coffee is incredibly volatile at high temperatures, meaning its aromas are rising to our nose and out of the drink. From the moment coffee is brewed, it’s starting to chemically break down. By Snapchilling the coffee, we can experience flavours at a more drinkable temperature, without them dissipating into the air. The ability of our Snapchill Technology to ‘dial in’ on the precise, ideal temperature for any variety of coffee, allows even the most complex of single origin coffees to shine brighter than before.”

Elemental Beverage Company is launching with three bold single-origin coffees from Kayanza, Burundi; Kolla Bolcha, Ethiopia; and San Alejo, Colombia. Each premium coffee is rated 85 points or higher on Coffee Quality Institute’s Q Grading Scale and is professionally brewed hot and then immediately Snapchilled.


“We’re excited to offer our customers delicious, chilled coffee with no compromise on taste or flavour, that can only be extracted when coffee is first hot brewed,” added Elemental Beverage Company’s CEO Jonathan H. Chen. “Whether enjoying our ready-to-drink canned coffees, or one of our exclusive LSO offerings, we’re proud to be providing refreshingly cold drinks on demand, using little more than simple science, artistry and passion.”

For commercial use, Elemental Beverage Company introduces its commercial-grade Snapchiller, allowing cafés, restaurants and bars easy access to Snapchilled on-demand beverages.  The commercial Snapchiller has been in testing by world-renowned specialty coffee pioneer George Howell, recipient of the Better Coffee World Award, the highest honour from the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, in two of his Boston-area cafés for the past year.

“Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with the team at Elemental Beverage Company, testing the Snapchiller with customers and getting very positive results,” says George Howell.  “I can honestly say that I’ve been looking for a technology like this for 10 years; one that delivers a cold, refreshing coffee, full of flavour and complexity and one that stays true to the coffees I select­­­­.”