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Mondias acquires Canadian maple-water beverage

February 11, 2020


Mondias Natural Products Inc., specializing healthcare and bio-agriculture markets, announced that they signed a Binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Érablier.

This will represent the first functional beverage acquisition for Mondias. Functional beverages are low in sugar, non-alcoholic beverages that contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, prebiotics, probiotic bacteria and fruit or vegetable juices.

Once completed, Mondias will acquire all the assets of Érablier Inc. a Québec-based enterprise.  Érablier has developed a beverage made from organic, and pure processed water obtained from sugar maple tree sap (acer saccharum).

The beverage will go through extensive market testing in the coming months. In maple syrup water industry reports, data shows that the demand for maple water has grown to exceed 16M Liters in 2018. It is suggested that maple water drinks may follow the same demand curve as that seen for coconut water.


Mondias CEO Dr. Patrick Frankham stated in a press release that, “This strategic acquisition represents an excellent opportunity to enter the vibrant health and wellness beverage space using a natural and organic product obtained from Québec.” Dr Frankham also added that “maple water is a unique natural product that is harvested by sophisticated and large-scale methods from which we obtain our starting material to create natural products for consumers.”