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Moody tattoos, band-able bracelets and candy

June 24, 2010
By Canadian Vending


June 24, 2010 – Allstar releases two innovative tattoo series for summer, a hot elastic bracelet in 1” and 2” caps and a new delicious candy.

June 24, 2010 – Following the incredibly successful Vampire Tattoos series, Allstar Vending continues to lead the pack with their unique, in-house tattoo creations.

moody1Moody Tattoos reflect the popular Emo subculture embraced by
teens and popularized in music and fashion.

12 designs
in the series include a sad-looking teddy-bear, an emo angel, and various music
themed items like an emo female guitarist and a male DJ wearing a “You
Made Me Cry” t-shirt.


“When the Moody Tattoo idea was presented at one of our design
meetings, we immediately jumped on it,” says Sharon Shlien,
Vice-President of Allstar. “Teens love to express themselves and we are
sure these will be a big hit.”

Rockabilly tattoosAllstar is excited to introduce
Rockabilly Tattoos. Think vintage. Think Elvis Presley, rockin’
guitars, pinup girls, hot rod cars and all things 1950's. This series
will appeal to teen and adult males and females with its 10 funkadelic
designs including: Rockabilly Revue with flaming guitar, Hula Girl
pinup girl adorned with flowers and Sailor Anchor flanked by sparrows.

All stickers and tattoos come packed in 300-count boxes and are a suggested dollar vend. Two-sided double display cards are also available.

Band-ablesOn the capsule side are bendable, stretchable,
wearable Band-Ables. These colourful animal bands are all the rage with
kids and grown-ups. They come in different shapes like
alligators, elephants and dogs. and they stretch and
instantly pop back into their original animal shapes. Available
in 2" or 1” capsules.
Baby-face candy To satisfy any sweet tooth, Allstar introduces Baby Face Candy,
multicolour tiny baby pacifiers in assorted flavours. Each 15lb box
contains approximately 9,500 pieces.

Allstar maintains shipping facilities on the East and West Coasts, to minimize cost and expedite orders.
Call 800-685-7066 or visit