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Mosio mobile messaging software

July 26, 2011
By Administrator


July 26, 2011, San Francisco, CA – Mobile software company Mosio is launching FieldForce Mobile, a web-based messaging software program for the mobile workforce.

The service is meant to enable companies to save time and money over phone calls by communicating with their workers via two-way text messages.

Workers text into a special “texting” number Mosio provides to the business upon registering for the service. Company agents receive these texts and respond by typing a reply into their computers on a web-based interface. Outbound text messages can be sent to one or more team members with real-time alerts, reminders or updates, while inbound text messages are sent in by workers out in the field to give status updates, ask questions, or place orders.

Designed to give small and medium sized businesses a competitive mobile edge without the need to buy new phones or hardware, FieldForce Mobile is on-demand, two-way text messaging software for companies with anywhere from five to 500 employees working away from the office.


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