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Nayax Australia to accept eftpos, American Express and JCB

July 6, 2020

Logo courtesy of Nayax

Nayax Australia announced that as of next month, August 2020, the payment systems eftpos, American Express and JCB will be accepted at more than 20,000 Nayax-powered vending machines in unattended retail businesses and the likes of laundromats, arcades, car washes and children’s rides, etc… With the recent integrations of Wechat Pay and Alipay, and the addition of the aforementioned popular payment schemes, Nayax has solidified its position as the most accepted cashless provider in Australia.

There are around 7 million eftpos proprietary cards in Australia which will now be enabled for use in Nayax’s cashless payment solution, and with the acceptance of American Express and JCB as of August, a greater number of Australia’s transactions can now take place at a Nayax-enabled machine. The rollout of eftpos, American Express, JCB acceptance will be done in stages and at the onset will be only on VPOS Touch devices.

In preparation for the acceptance of eftpos, American Express and JCB transactions, Nayax Australia will be sending new payment stickers to all their customers via post, so consumers will be aware of the newly available payment options.

“When this capability is turned on in August, for the first time eftpos cardholders will be able to pay at unattended businesses, including vending, laundromats, car washes, children’s rides, and more,” eftpos CEO, Stephen Benton said in a statement. “We are very pleased to be partnering with Nayax on this stage of our transformation journey, providing consumers and businesses the option to use eftpos more often.”