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Nestlé’s new frozen meals inspired by “intrapreneurs”

January 3, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Nestlé/Wildscape

Nestlé’s newest frozen food product line was inspired by their innovative ‘intrapreneurs’ team, and launched a line of gourmet vegetable dishes packaged in recyclable, reusable containers.

Wildscape meals come in six different varieties, like the Gochujang cauliflower with brussel sprouts, chickpeas, quinoa, riced cauliflower, cashews and pickled onions.

“We saw an opportunity to make frozen food exciting by creating a product that is vibrant, with delicious flavours and textures and inspired by nature,” says Emily Hoffman, Brand Manager, in a press release.

“Working as ‘intrapreneurs’ meant operating as a focused team with the mindset of a small entrepreneurial company”, says Andy Blank, R&D Manager. “Our leaders gave us the authority to make decisions which helped us push the boundaries of creativity within product development.”


The products went from idea to launch in under nine months. Quick decision-making, rapid prototyping and consumer feedback was leveraged to accelerate the development.

The Wildscape brand is part of Foundry Foods Inc., an innovation incubator backed by Nestlé, designed to support small, emerging brands with the goal of creating new and unique food products. Products are available at select retailers in the United States and plans for national distribution are ongoing.