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New gourmet line of healthy nut-based snacks

July 17, 2019
By Canadian Vending

Image courtesy of Marathon Ventures, Inc. and Pear’s Gourmet

Pear’s Gourmet® launched exciting new snack nut flavours for consumers that enjoy experiencing exciting, unique flavours, Pear’s is waking up the snack nut category with innovation and taste.

“Whether it be favourite restaurants, grocery retailers or online shopping venues, consumers are looking for ‘what’s new…what’s next’ in their culinary experience. Pear’s Gourmet is our answer to that,” said John Larsen, President, Marathon Ventures, Inc. and Pear’s Gourmet brand owner in a press release.

 “We keep an eye on consumer direction and trends and think about how we can apply that to good-for-you, plant-based nuts. We have so many great ideas in the pipeline…some consider us the Ben & Jerry’s® of the snack nut world!”

Free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours, this newly-released trio of premium, indulgent snack nuts sell in 7 oz stand-up resealable foil pouches.
·         Cocoa Dusted Truffle Peanuts
·         Salted Caramel Churro Flavoured Almonds
·         Sugar Cookie Confetti Cashews
Suggested retail for the peanuts is $2.99; almonds and cashews SRP is $5.99. Available for order by the retail trade.