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New head of Dole Ventures

November 12, 2020

Barbara Guerpillon newly appointed Head of Dole Ventures

In a first for Dole Asia Holdings Pte. Ltd., Barbara Guerpillon has been appointed Head of Dole Ventures across both packaged foods and its fresh businesses.  Based in Singapore, the global strategic role is designed to enable profitable business growth through start-up led innovations and the creation of entrepreneurial networks worldwide, all to support The Dole Promise with its ambitious goals in nutrition, sustainability and the creation of shared value.

Guerpillon brings to Dole a strong track record with the Unilever Foundry, which connected corporate innovation, entrepreneurship and technology to accelerate innovation and effectively pilot new technologies and product innovations.  During her tenure she delivered 120 projects with start-ups resulting in 25 pilots including nine product innovations, three retail Innovations and four direct-to-consumer pilots.

Guerpillon says Dole’s clear signal is that it is open for innovation, with its planned Sunshine for All Investment Fund an example of Dole’s willingness to work with innovators, start-ups and progressive partners to help deliver on The Dole Promise.

“Our message is simple. We believe in the power of partnerships and we are seriously in the place of working with start-ups to live up to our Promise. I agree the goals are ambitious, but I have yet to meet leaders who lacked ambition. We bring decades of experience in food production, nutritional science, packaging, supply chain logistics and fast-moving consumer goods, so our ability to fund, run and evaluate pilots will, I believe, be very attractive to the rising generations of smart thinkers. We want to hear from both investors and start-ups around the world” said Guerpillon in a press release.