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New tattoos and danglers from Allstar

February 24, 2011
By Administrator


February 24, 2011 – This month, Allstar Vending rolls out a new line of
Mexican tattoos, and a series of danglers inspired by the World Cup.

Mexican Tattoos

mexican_tattoosThis series of ten bold tattoos are a mix of black and white, and red, green and white – the same colours you’d find on the Mexican flag. Intricate skull and Day of the Dead tattoos blend with Aztec designs and religious art, including prayer hands holding a rosary, and the Virgin Mary.

“We really wanted to offer a balanced series. There is a Mexican tattoo here for everyone,” says Sharon Shlien, vice president of Allstar.


A double sided printed display is available. The suggested vend price is $1.00

World Cap Danglers

world_cap_imageKick sales into gear with the first series of World Cap Danglers. Sports fanatics – especially soccer fans – will enjoy trying to get their favourite country’s flag, making these danglers a great way to encourage repeat vends.

Inspired by the World Cup, countries represented include Italy, Brazil, Canada and Greece.

A matching bonus tattoo is included in every 2” capsule.

Display is available for both TOMY and regular machines. The suggested vend price is $2.00.

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