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More from Canadian Vending | Merchandising | Game Room | Events January 26, 2012
CAMA sponsorship program
The Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association (CAMA) now offers sponsors the opportunity to raise their profiles throughout the year. The new program offers five levels of sponsorship.
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New $100 bill fails rip test
A Manitoba man has found cracks in the claim that Canada's new polymer bills are stronger than the paper variety they're replacing.
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School junk food doesn’t cause obesity: study
North American schools have been busy banishing chocolate bars, potato chips and pop from vending machines, but it may be a waste of time in the battle against childhood obesity, a new study shows.
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Peanut vending firm denies lawsuit allegations
An Orillia, Ont. area company facing a class-action lawsuit over its program to hire distributors to sell peanuts through vending machines across the country says many distributors were “extremely successful” under the plan.
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Bored workers crave coffee and chocolate
There's a reason workers may choose that chocolate bar out of the vending machine or make that fourth cup of coffee at the office: boredom.
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