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Canadian Vending
More from Canadian Vending | Merchandising | Game Room | Events March 8, 2012
Preparing for Canada’s new polymer bank notes
In preparation for the release and circulation of Canada's new polymer bank notes, the Bank of Canada has released information to help you keep up to speed.
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Coinco/InOne enters provider agreement with USG
Unified Strategies Group (USG) has selected InOne Technology, LLC (InOne), a subsidiary of Coin Acceptors, Inc. (Coinco), as a provider of vending machine controller boards, DEX audit boxes and LED replacement lights.
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The future of vending
What will the vending machines of the future look like? What will they sell? What won’t they sell? Time magazine’s Brad Tuttle has a few ideas.
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Northern Ireland bans cigarette vending machines
A ban on cigarette vending machines came into force March 1 as part of a new anti-smoking strategy from Ireland's Department of Health.
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Contraception vending machines fuel controversy
Students at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, are divided about whether the university should follow in the footsteps of Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, which has recently been scrutinized for a vending machine stocked with condoms, pregnancy tests and, more controversially, Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptives.
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