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More from Canadian Vending | Merchandising | Innovation | Events July 25, 2013
Ottawa approves new penny uses
The decision to eliminate the penny has companies and individuals asking Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to approve new uses for the one-cent coin, including melting them down and using the metal for the industrial sector.
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Woman claims polymer bills melted
Trina Moniz is out $1,200 after she put an envelope of cash in a place she thought was safe – a table in her home.
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GMCR announces launch of Keurig BOLT
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters serves up its Keurig BOLT Carafe Brewing System that provides a 64-ounce brew.
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Yawn-activated machine dispenses free coffee
Douwe Egberts, a Dutch-based company, installed a vending machine that uses facial recognition software to identify people who yawn as part of its marketing campaign.
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Branding vital for small business owners
Creating a recognizable and trusted brand is an important concern in today's competitive market, according to 93 per cent of small business owners (SBOs), in a study.
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