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Canadian Vending
More from Canadian Vending | Merchandising | Innovation | Events December 12, 2013
PayLab sets out to revolutionize the coin-operated industry
Calgary’s PayLab Networks is developing software that will provide consumers with the ability to connect to vending machines and make purchases using their smartphones.
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Canadian Healthy Vending introduces online menu
Canadian Healthy Vending has released its Max Menu 2.0, an online menu system for the company’s MAX! Machines.
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Bitcoin entrepreneurs launch service to put virtual coins in real-life wallets
Toronto entrepreneurs Peter Gray and Rodolfo Novak are co-founders of Coinkite, a bitcoin banking service that lets you buy the cryptocurrency through Interac.
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The next generation of vending telemetry
Jürgen Hase outlines how vending telemetry has evolved over the years into something practical and cost-effective.
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Coffee Write: managing stress
Brian Martell explains that sometimes when a stressful situation comes along it is best to view it as an opportunity for growth and to face the challenge head on, rather than getting stuck in cyclical anxiety.
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