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More from Canadian Vending | Merchandising | Innovation | Events May 15, 2014
Boxed water sustainability questioned
The Michigan makers of Boxed Water is Better are touting their product as a greener alternative to other drinking waters on the market, but 'gable top' boxes are less recyclable than plastic bottles, says a Calgary recycling expert. CBC News reports.
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B.C. Pain Society opens marijuana vending machine
Just five weeks after Ottawa outlawed B.C.’s cottage industry of cannabis dispensaries, the B.C. Pain Society, a recently established medical marijuana dispensary, has opened Canada’s first marijuana vending machine. The National Post reports.
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Innovative coffee-cup lid targets cafes
Seattle’s Vaporpath has invented a coffee-cup lid designed to highlight the aroma of coffee in takeaway cups and aimed at initially at the cafe market, reports Bloomberg News.
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Baby-needs vending machine maker uses crowdfunding
Fledgling company WeGoBabies is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production of its vending machines, which are designed to stock diapers and wipes, pacifiers, baby food, kid-friendly DVDs, and sippy cups.
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Keurig and Smucker expand partnership
Keurig Green Mountain Inc. and The J.M. Smucker Company have entered into a multiyear agreement to manufacture, market, distribute and sell the Smucker family of coffee brands.
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